Economic Development Department

In collaboration with the Town of Malartic, the Société Économique of Malartic called SDEM, is the agency responsible for economic development of the town.

The mandate of the SDEM is to stimulate economic development in the town by the expansion, the establishment and consolidation of companies and speak directly to them and to promote conditions conducive to their development in the respect of the living environment of citizens.

His job is to:

  • Prospecting and welcome investors;
  • Development of an economic mission;
  • Promotion of territory and economic leadership;
  • Development of business economics and sustainable development;
  • Search for land or buildings;
  • Development of social enterprise;

Lucie Roger, OMA
Executive Director
819 757-3611 ext. 223

André Vezeau, Mayor
819 757-3611 ext. 230